Platform Conductor Assessments

Platform Conductor analysis is performed for platforms and jackup drilling rigs. The strength and stability of the guided platform conductor is determined for each stage of the installation. An assessment is carried out of the complex loading on the conductor. This includes a study of the load sharing between each casing and the conductor during installation and production.

Thermal Load Assessment

A thermal load assessment is performed during production and for cold kill operations. It is important to understand the decrease in tensile load on the inner casing strings and the relief of compressive load on the conductor during hot production conditions. Moreover, the increased compression on the conductor during cold kill operations can be significant in relation to the strength and stability of the system.

Various configurations can be considered, however, it is common to predrill initial wells through the template prior to platform installation. The platform tieback conductors then have to be installed after the platform is in place and analysis has to be carried out to determine the optimum pretension for the tieback strings. 

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