Global Riser Analysis

Global riser analysis is performed to determine the limits of operation and fatigue life of a complete system, from conductor to derrick, during all conditions of operation for both anchored and dynamically positioned vessels as well as jackups.

Analysis can be used for the design of new or existing systems whereby the limits of operation and fatigue life are fully optimised for the range of conditions considered.

AS Mosley Analysis Process

We perform global riser analysis for steel top tensioned risers using OrcaFlex and Flexcom; this includes drilling risers, workover risers, completion landing strings (landing string inside marine riser) and production risers. The analysis is used to determine optimum riser tension and based on this the operating limits are determined for normal, extreme and accidental conditions. The fatigue life of the riser is assessed based on damage from wave and vessel motions in addition to current induced VIV (Vortex Induced Vibrations). 

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